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Bai Guangming
Senior Engineer
Senior Economist
Senior Operation Manager
Registered senior consultant

People's congress of henan province

Anyang entrepreneurs association chairman

The member of national electric tool standardization technical committee

Deputy director of the national concrete vibration machinery specialized committee

The chairman, general manager, secretary of the party committee of Anyang Vibrator CO., Ltd.

Chairman’s Speech

- We hope that through our efforts to becoming a “respected and trusted” global holding company, with “equity in leading enterprises in multiple industries” and “international influence”.

- Over the past five decades, China’s economy has been developing at an unprecedented pace, and the world has been in constant changes. The growth of AnZhen can be attributed to the Country’s opening-up and reform, our unrelenting efforts in summarizing and applying corporate management principles throughout our practices, and another important point - our pursuit of ever higher goals.

- Vision is our aspiration. But to realize it will take a long period of time. It calls for unrelenting efforts from generations of AnZhen people. However, we have made careful calculations in setting such a Vision and stand ready to make whatever efforts it takes to accomplish it.

- Building great companies is our core business and core competitive edge. It is my sincere hope that, in the course of realizing our Vision, AnZhen can establish a stage without limit where all of our employees can show and apply their talent, and realize their dreams. At the same time, we will build a group of great companies for China, and make due contributions to the economic development of China and the world.