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Anyang vibrator limited liability company

Anyang Vibrator Limited Liability Company (former Anyang Vibrator Factory was built in 1964),the first vibrator and its standard was born here in china.We have always keep the persistent efforts and enterprising spirit,after nearly 50 years of development,we have developed into scientific research, production and sales as a famous enterprises,renowned domestic construction machinery industry and railway maintenance machinery industry. As the only one professional production enterprises in Anyang,our company is also a designated enterprises by the Ministry of Construction , the company has strong technical innovation ability, approved as a provincial technology center in Henan province.At present, we have 8 patented technologies, with our own intellectual property rights.We are take the leading position in concrete vibration machinery research and development.

We have already researched and developed the products of concrete vibrating machinery, construction machinery, railway maintenance machinery, high-speed railway track plate vibration source and other 12 major series of more than 60 varieties of products.Widely used in construction, high-speed railway construction, mining machinery, factory vibration platform. The leading product has a good reputation among consumers and exported to southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other countries and regions.The high-speed railway track plate vibration equipment products, won the national invention patent and application in China's first high-speed railway "Beijing Tianjin line".

In the construction of high-speed rail, the product coverage of 85%.At the same time the company involved in the Yellow River bridge precast construction site, the qinghai-tibet railway bridge prefabrication site and the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway construction of concrete sleeper site. The product passed the ISO9001 management system certification, "CCC" compulsory certification and the Ministry of Railways "CRCC" safety certification.

  • ZN50 vibration rod CCC certification

  • CQC quality management system certification

  • ZN70 vibration rod CCC certification

  • Standardized certificate

  • CRCC Railway Product Certification