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About the logo
-By AnZhen first letter "A" and "Z",it means:
1."A" "Z" is the first and the last letter in the English letters,signifies quality of the AnZhen products and services in accordance with the commitment throughout, give the user with guarantee of safety.
2."A", "Z" combination like Pyramid, meaning the foundation of steady, creating a top quality technology.
3."A" like chinese word "人" , the meaning of people-oriented enterprise concept, employees rely on the enterprise survival, enterprises rely on staff development.
  • - motto

    Loyalty、righteousness、courtesy、wisdom and credit

  • - Management Idea

    Sincerity、diligence、reputation、truth、efficiency、leading forever

  • - Working principle

    Fair and honest, honest and diligent administering

  • - Quality policy

    Perfect service, safe and reliable quality, consistent leading level

  • - Work Style

    Be strict to ourselves, strict management, strict disciplines, telling the truth, doing the practical things, exerting the genuine effort, striving for the actual effect.

  • - Enterprise Spirit

    To be honest and devote forever, to do things sincerely and diligently for pursuing the truth, to exert forward with one heart for NO.1, to create forever in management and technology.